CATSAT Fishing Software

CATSAT is a key decision tool for professional fishermen involved with pelagic fish species. A guide for fishing options and strategy. It helps fishermen get the most out of their fishing campaigns, by providing  very accurate oceanographic data  and marine weather information in “near real-time” directly onboard the fishing vessel. It offers the best knowledge available about ocean conditions from the sea surface down to sea bottom.



Don’t leave your fishing operations up to chance!
Make the best decisions based on real ocean conditions. Understand ocean dynamics. Look for the right temperature. Track the plankton drift. Secure your fishing campaigns

  • CATSAT software onboard
  • Access to high quality oceanographic maps of your preferred fishing area
  • Oceanographic training
  • Sales and technical helpdesk
  • Worldwide recognized oceanographer support

Sea Level Anomaly Data

CATSAT’s high resolution altimetry (SLA) makes it possible to identify eddies and frontal areas between different water masses and ocean structures, where fish are most likely to be.

Tools designed to enhance your expertise

  • Highest definition altimetry map on the market
  • Movie mode: Observe the water mass movements over time and bring out dynamic eddies
  • 3D visualization: A more intuitive identification of the ocean phenomena
  • Find fronts and eddies by combining altimetry data with sea temperature (both surface and sub-surface) and currents with the multi-windows function.
  • Protect your gear by knowing in advance the shearing current at your targeted area thanks to the current meter tool.
  • Highlight favorable fishing areas using the multi-criteria filter which helps you analyze oceanographic data and identifies fishing grounds based on the captain experience

Sea Surface Temperature Data

CATSAT’s daily high resolution Sea Surface Temperature (SST) maps help fishermen detect areas with temperature ranges preferable to their species of interest.

Tools designed to enhance your expertise

  • Highest definition sea temperature maps on the market
  • Sub-surface temperature down to sea bottom  and thermocline help to identify vertical fronts which can be a physical barrier for some fish species
  • Climatology based on 20 years of data designed for use with the gradient tool  to easily identify how the temperature is evolving.
  • Identify ocean structures by combining temperature , altimetry and current data  with the multi-windows tool for an even more precise picture of the fishing grounds
  • Highlight favorable fishing areas using the multi-criteria filter which automatically analyzes oceanographic data and identifies fishing grounds based on the captains experience
  • Choose the best layer for your fishing gear by displaying the water column overview with the profile tool.

Plankton data

Plankton is preyed on by small pelagic that bigger pelagic species prey on. CATSAT provides day-to-day high resolution plankton maps effectively guiding fishermen to large pelagic feeding grounds.

Tools designed to enhance your expertise

  • Highest definition plankton maps on the market
  • State-of-the-art satellite ocean color measurement, showing the day by day evolution of chlorophyll A
  • Movie mode: Track the plankton drift caused by oceanographic currents
  • Combine plankton data with our high quality altimetry and current data on screen to obtain an even more precise picture of where fish are likely to be thanks to a multi-window function
  • Highlight favorable fishing areas using the multi-criteria filter, which automatically analyzes oceanographic data and identifies fishing grounds based on the captain experience
  • Identify how the plankton concentration is evolving by mapping the variations through time with the exclusive gradient tool

Weather information

Use CATSAT data to guide your fishing strategies, increase the safety of operations at sea and ensure the long-term viability of the fisheries sector.

  • High frequency meteorological maps
  • Typhoons and cyclones Alerts with forecast and position
  • A complete set of weather maps* including precise winds, pressure, cloud coverage, waves and swell. Forecasts up to 7 days

Crucial weather information to ensure your safety:

Be safe by tracking all active cyclones thanks to real-time bulletins
Secure your fishing trips by avoiding critical areas where winds and storms are too important
Quality weather data aids in understanding and forecasting ocean evolution for the coming days