About us

Maritime company from Panama: Marosv serving the world!

Marosv Marine Supply and Services (MMSS) is a technology one-stop-shop and maritime company from Panama specializing in navigation, electronic, and communication equipment.

Marosv is based in Panama and has served the maritime industry for 5 years. We are authorized by the Panama Maritime Authority to provide services to all the Panamanian ports, including the main international ports of the Caribbean and Pacific.

Our goal is to provide an efficient service as quickly as possible for the maritime industry, contributing to the sustainability of the oceans.

We are a one-stop marine shop that provides technical spare parts, and provisions that cater to the crew’s requirements and ensure the ship is ready for its upcoming trip.

Additionally, we provide vessel monitoring systems (VMS) and maritime communications solutions.


Being a company that provides fast and efficient service to ship owners and maritime authorities.


To be the reference company when a ship owner wants to stock up with state-of-the-art satellite technology and provisions, with reasonable use of resources.


We believe in respect and conservation of the environment.

Gender equality in the maritime world.

Speed and efficiency in our services.

Innovation and technology in our products.