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Ship Chandler

Our Ship Chandler services are efficient, providing ships with a great variety of premium products and the latest equipment for vessels of all kinds, including luxury provisions for yachts.

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Services & Products

Our cutting-edge technology, the most advanced fishing software in their field, creates grand improvements to our customers' ships, providing accurate oceanographic and marine weather data that improves the ship's productivity and capacity.

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Panama Marine Services


CATSAT software includes wide-ranging features that provide Sea Level Anomaly, Sea Surface Temperature, and Plankton Data transmitted securely to your desktop in the highest quality resolution.

Triton Advanced Terminal (VMS)

VMS is a top global Vessel Monitoring System. Reliable and easy to install, the Triton Advanced Terminal’s key features include alarm systems, Bluetooth and USB connection, 100% global coverage with real-time position reports, and much more.

Ship Chandler Panama

  We are a one-stop shop that provides ships & yachts with the tools and materials they need, caters to the crew’s requirements, and ensures the ship is ready for its upcoming voyage.

panama canal

Full service ship chandler in Panama

The service has expanded from just providing rope, sails, and sail cloths to offering services like food provisions, ship repairs, transportation aid, and many other things.

Technical & repairing services

These repairs include:

  • Repairs of the deck and engine sections, general repairs
  • Repairing cranes
  • Service for overhaul and maintenance
  • Emergency fixes
  • Engine overhaul and repair

Ship provisions

 Some of the provisions are:

  • Imported food, locally produced, frozen, chilled, or fresh.
  • Dairy goods and fresh bread
  • Fish, fruit, and vegetables in cans along with meat
  • Marine chemicals and gases
  • Stationary

Engine maintenance

Engine maintenance services include:

  • Valve, pipe, and fitting inspection
  • Supplying both primary and auxiliary engines with spare parts
  • Provision of chemicals and lubricant
  • Supply of screws, nuts, and bolts
  • Maintenance of pumps, compressors, and hydraulics