How Do Ship Chandlers Work and What Services Do They Provide?

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November 30, 2022

Ship chandlers are shops that provide services to boat owners. These services range widely and include things like meal delivery, maintenance, repairs, replacement components, safety checks, medical supplies, general upkeep, and much more.

In other words, ship chandlers, like Marosv Marine and Supply Services, are one-stop shops that provide ships with the tools and materials they need, cater to the requirements of the crew, and make sure the ship is ready for its upcoming voyage.


Before a ship and its crew arrive at the port of discharge, ship chandlers need to make sure they are informed of all the supplies they need. Because of this, they have ample time to set up the essential supplies for the ship.

The following are the most typical services that ship chandlers, such as Marosv provide:


Technical & repairing services

Ship chandlers may already have connections for supplying vessel components and services at a reasonable cost. This guarantees that the ship will function properly on subsequent voyages. These repairs include:

  • Repairs of the deck and engine sections, general repairs
  • Repairing cranes
  • Service for overhaul and maintenance
  • Emergency fixes
  • Engine overhaul and repair


Ship provisions

It takes a lot of effort to work on a ship. Some of the provisions are:

  • Imported food, locally produced, frozen, chilled, or fresh.
  • Dairy goods and fresh bread
  • Fish, fruit, and vegetables in cans along with meat
  • Marine chemicals and gases
  • Stationary


Safety equipment

Additionally, first aid kits, safety goggles and helmets, fire extinguishers, and hoses can be obtained from ship chandlers.

It is common knowledge that marine accidents occur. The welfare of seafarers should come first and foremost. Safety and life-saving equipment must be operational if an accident occurs at sea. The services include:

  • Examining the raft and lifeboat
  • Inspection of the equipment for fighting fires
  • Inspection of the safety equipment


Deck services

The vessel operator can also get deck services from ship chandlers. These are typical duties that center on routine upkeep and minor repairs.

  • Upkeep of the anchor and the anchor chain
  • Marine paint and painting supplies
  • Welding and upkeep tasks
  • General fixes


Engine maintenance

The engine of a ship must be in top shape. Engine upkeep is a scheduled activity that is occasionally contracted out to ship chandlers. The services include:

  • Valve, pipe, and fitting inspection
  • Supplying both primary and auxiliary engines with spare parts
  • Provision of chemicals and lubricant
  • Supply of screws, nuts, and bolts
  • Maintenance of pumps, compressors, and hydraulics

The shipowner will gain from contacting a ship chandler by:

  • Saving time for turnaround
  • Providing price breaks for purchases
  • Giving specific commodities appealing prices
  • Allowing for supply preparation in advance


Ship chandler services have developed over time and have established themselves as a crucial component of on-time vessel preparation. Ship handling has expanded from just providing rope, sails, and sailcloths to offering services like food provisions, ship repairs, transportation aid, and many other things.

Our staff, at Marosv Marine and Supply Services, takes care of your needs quickly and reliably since we know that time is money. We are available around the clock. Send us your question, and we’ll get back to you soon.

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